Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking has a drastic effect on our body and especially for a pregnant woman. Not only is it dangerous to her health but it is very harmful to the babies health as well. The nicotine and other dangerous and deadly chemicals that we inhale when we smoke a cigarette pass through the blood stream and reaches the baby directly.

The way smoking affects the body are:

•    As the lung capacity decreases, it lowers the amount of oxygen available both for the mum and the baby
•    It increases the baby’s heart rate.
•    The chances of miscarriage and stillbirth are very high
•    It can result in baby being born prematurely or born with a very low birth weight
•    The baby becomes vulnerable to a lot of respiratory problems
•    Chances of birth defects are very significant
•    Chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome increases

The more number of cigarettes smoked makes the baby more vulnerable to all these health problems.

Effects of second-hand smoke during pregnancy

Second-hand smoke or passive smoking is the smoke of a burning cigarette inhaled by a non-smoker. Passive smoking is said to be more dangerous than active smoking. If you are exposed to passive smoking during pregnancy, chances of having a miscarriage, stillbirth or tubular pregnancy are some of the complication that you would be facing. If kids and babies are exposed to passive smoking, they are vulnerable to health conditions such as asthma, allergies, lung and ear infection.

Smoking is not only dangerous to the person smoking but it is more dangerous to people who are exposed to the smoke.

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